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Count Chocula Beer Is Back Thanks to General Mills

Last year, the brewery hoarded a town's entire supply of Count Chocula to make the drink.


Cereal company General Mills can't stop making beer. Earlier this month, the company announced it is partnering with Minneapolis beer makers Fulton Brewing to create a cereal-inspired brew. Called HefeWheaties, the beer doesn't actually contain any Wheaties flakes, but is made with many of the same ingredients as the cereal. Now, the Coloradoan reports that General Mills has sent a brewery in Colorado boxes of Count Chocula to make another beer.

Last year, Fort Collins-based Black Bottle Brewery made headlines for secretly depleting the town's entire supply of Count Chocula cereal, a product that traditionally hits store shelves in October as part of a Halloween-timed limited release. The brewery bought the cereal to create a Count Chocula beer for Cerealiously, a beer series.

Now the brewery is bringing back the beer later this month but instead of having to hoard the towns' supplies, Black Bottle was sent boxes of the product by General Mills. Will General Mills continue to transform its cereals into beers? Does this mean that a Trix beer is a real possibility in the near future? As long as the company avoids Fiber One-inspired beers, the world should be safe.