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Brilliant 'Simpsons' Fans Renovate Kitchen to Look Just Like Marge's

Yes, it has an olive-green stove.


One Canadian couple is bringing The Simpsons to life inside their kitchen. According to the CBC, Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton are redoing the kitchen in their Calgary home that it so that looks just like Marge's from the show, right down to the corn cob curtains, which Andreychuk sewed herself. The kitchen also features the same checkerboard tiles, "cartoon" knobs on the cabinets, and pastel purple paint as Marge's.

The couple jokes about turning their basement into Moe's Tavern.

Needless to say, the couple are super fans of the show. Hamilton explains: "The Simpsons for me is actually a baby blanket. If I'm not feeling very well, if I'm depressed, if I have a bad day — I come home and pop The Simpsons on... and everything is alright."

For now, the couple has covered their appliances with just the right shade of neon green contact paper to give them the same hue as the appliances from the show, but they are currently in the process of saving up to buy "retro-inspired" olive-green appliances to make the renovation as accurate as possible. The couple jokes that they are going to transform their basement into Moe's Tavern from the show, which seems like the perfect place to store cases of Duff Beer.

The couple aren't the first people to bring The Simpsons into the real world. In March, a fan named Caolan McArthur challenged himself to snack like Homer Simpson — the main character of the show who is known for his penchant for eating — and managed to keep up pretty successfully. Check out a video about the renovation from CBC News below:

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