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Two men went through the trouble of robbing a Waffle House early this morning, but failed spectacularly. Usually tales of crimes at the chain are dark and involve excessive  violence, but this one errs on the side of comedy. According to WHIO, the unnamed men walked into a Waffle House in Ohio at around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning and "displayed a handgun." However, the duo quickly fled the store without any cash.

Why bring a gun when you're only going to steal a menu?

Waffle House employees, who called the police shortly after the thieves walked in, report that the only item that was stolen was a menu. Just a singular menu, not even one for each thief. The two robbers hopped in a getaway car driven by a third person and "were able to flee the area before officers arrived." No one has been arrested yet.

The two men now have spots on America's long list of dumb food criminals. Their peers include the three thieves who stole a 10-pound bowl of macaroni salad and left a "steady trail of macaroni salad" behind as they escaped, which lead the police to their hiding spot. Also on the list is a man who robbed Subway in Chicago and was then found eating a sandwich at a rival restaurant directly across the street.