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Watch 'Meet the Press' Host Chuck Todd Gorge on Fried Food on a Stick

Todd samples the local cuisine at the Iowa State Fair.

Chuck Todd, host of NBC Sunday morning show Meet the Press, is plenty accustomed to digesting political news and offering analysis, but like the 2016 presidential contenders, he broadened his scope to take on the food at the Iowa State Fair over the weekend. In this video, Todd sets himself up with a budget of $50 and samples a wide variety of fried foods served on sticks. Among the many delicacies Todd and his producer try are apple pie on a stick, mac and cheese on a stick, pork chop on a stick, and the classic corn dog.

What's Todd's analysis of the cuisine? What are the standouts? He's a big fan of the fried Twinkie on a stick — "the original gee whiz-on-a-stick food," Todd says. "It's really good." But the big surprise is the fried Hostess chocolate cupcake on a stick, which comes out of nowhere like "the Bernie Sanders of fried food."

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