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Cubs Player Nearly Hit With Beer, Then Provides Big Hit

Also, an architect has built an office out of beer bottles and MIT has created a team of bartending robots.

Kyle Schwarber, beer dodger.
Kyle Schwarber, beer dodger.
Jon Durr/Getty Images

— Chicagoans can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the country when it comes to appreciation of beer, but the intracity baseball rivalry between the Cubs and White Sox is apparently contentious enough to inspire weaponization of the sudsy beverage. Cubs left fielder Kyle Schwarber nearly became a victim on Saturday when a White Sox fan hurled a cold one at him during the teams' game. Perhaps even worse than the violent act was the waste of good booze. The fan threw "a tallboy," Schwarber told ESPN, "and it wasn't even drunk all the way." Schwarber got the last laugh, providing a run-scoring base hit that sparked the Cubs' victory.

— When all of humanity is enslaved by robots, we'll know who to blame: MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has created a team of bartending bots. "Two small Turtlebots (which look like coolers on wheels) travel between a beer-providing PR2 robot bartender and rooms of students at work, asking the students if they need a beer," writes Popular Science "and then returning with a beverage if one is ordered." MIT says the bartending robots have the potential to engage in other, less-important work such as taking orders and supplying supplies to hospitals or rescue operations.

— An architect in China is living out every new graduate bro's dream: He's built an office entirely out of beer bottles. Li Rongjun used 8,500 bottles to create a 300-square-foot room that is nine feet high. Li and his father spent four months and $11,000 on the project. "I wanted to build an artistic and usable office," Li told China Daily. "This building is also my calling card for my future business plans. It will allow investors to see my products in real life and see my talent."

— The ownership group behind Buffalo, N.Y.'s NFL and NHL franchises, the Bills and Sabres, has partnered with local Southern Tier Brewing Company to create a new beer. Dubbed One Buffalo, the beer made its debut at the Bills' preseason game Friday night. The beer is a session pale ale and will be available in six-packs next month.

— And on the other end of the beer-inspiration spectrum, New Jersey's Cape May Brewing Co. is releasing a limited edition beer to commemorate Pope Francis' U.S. visit next month. "You Only Pope Once" is a pale ale and will be available on draft in New Jersey and Philadelphia September 21.

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