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Ultimate Bro Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Wants to Sell You Branded Plastic Red Cups

Unfortunately, there is no branded keg available.


Presidential candidate Donald Trump has already made a number of mistakes in his campaign: He made controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants and some not so nice comments about Fox anchor Megyn Kelly. But perhaps his most egregious misstep is his taste in campaign trail swag. Donald Trump wants you to "make America great again" by buying his pricey branded red cups. Yes, the plastic cups that no frat party can function without. Best of all Trump expects that you're okay with paying $20 for a pack of three.

To Trump's credit, at least his red cups feature his campaign logo. Fellow presidential candidate and seller of pricey political swag Jeb Bush is offering a guacamole bowl that features no branding whatsoever. Bush's "Guaca Bowle" (for which he's charging $75) is his poor renaming of a molcajete, a tool that has been used by cooks for thousands of years.

Perhaps the two should take a page out of fellow White House hopeful Hillary Clinton's book. Her "Grillary Clinton" line of cookout accessories are not only branded, super punny (shout out to the "Chillary Clinton" koozie) but they are also somewhat useful.