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Shake Shack's Newest Creation Is a Lobster Roll Burger Mashup

We're having feelings about it.

Daniel Krieger/Shake Shack

Shake Shack can't stop innovating. The cult-favorite burger chain's latest creation is an homage to New England's favorite crustacean, the lobster: The Surf N' Shack is a burger with lobster salad sandwiched atop the meat patty and below the bun. Shack sauce appears to dress the chunks of lobster meat; there is no other type of sauce listed among the sandwich's ingredients.

Shake Shack is sourcing the lobster from local and sustainable purveyor Homarus. And because lobster doesn't come cheap, this is one of the priciest burgers on Shake Shack's menu at $8.99 a pop. Note that this is a limited edition sandwich, and is only available at Shake Shack locations in Boston and Connecticut from today until September 20.

Even at $8.99, Shake Shack's quality Angus beef burger topped with sustainable lobster is still only one dollar more than McDonald's awful lobster roll. Which perhaps proves that McDonald's is taking a pretty substantial profit margin on its questionable new seafood sandwich. Though the price is on par with other chain restaurant lobster rolls, it's important to note that Shake Shack's version includes an Angus beef patty, making it more time consuming to prepare and also affecting the menu item's price.

The price of lobster is higher this year than it has been in years past. Maine lobster is selling for $6 to $8 per pound, which is about $2 more than last year. The price of lobster over the last decade has been dropping, but it's seeing a resurgence this year, according to Business Insider. Prices are on the rise because this "past year's harsh winter around New England dropped ocean temperatures around Maine to the lower end of the lobster comfort zone." BI explains that cold waters delay when lobsters shed their skin, so fisherman aren't capturing as many lobsters in their traps as usual.

Either way, we're willing to bet Shake Shack's Surf N' Shack tastes better than McDonald's sad excuse for a lobster roll.

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