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Yelpers Love (and Hate) Tiger Woods' New Restaurant

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So far Woods' restaurant has a 4.5 star rating on Yelp but not everyone is loving it.

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Very well-paid golfer Tiger Woods opened his first restaurant earlier this month and it's already pretty well liked on Yelp. Woods shelled out $8 million on The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club in Jupiter, Fla. and he told the Palm Beach Post that he has been very hands-on so far, and plans to remain that way.

"Tiger wasn't there on the first night for the public. Insulting! "

However, Woods was not there opening night which upset blogger Jose Lambiet who notes on his site Gossip Extra: "He wasn't there on the first night for the public. Insulting! Especially after Woods appeared at two VIP preview nights last week... So the message is clear: Tiger will hang with VIPs, but don't expect him to mingle with those who patronize his joint and buy his Nike crap." It turns out that Woods was in Wisconsin prepping for a major golf tournament, as part of his well, real job.

Overall though, people appear to be satisfied with the restaurant which has a straightforward — if boring — menu of steaks, salads, fish, sandwiches, and truffle fries. Below, the early reviews of Woods' new restaurant:

The Everything Was Awesome News: Yelper Mark G. couldn't stop himself from gushing about the restaurant. He gave it five stars for its "incredible" service and "outstanding" lobster tails.

The Good Luck Getting a Martini News: Yelper Chris M. slammed the restaurant giving it a one star rating. Why? "[The] bartender didn't even know how to make a martini." Plus, the atmosphere is "horrible."

The Food Is Worth Eating News: Yelper Foodie Girl P. couldn't find anything she wasn't impressed with on the menu. She especially loved the onion rings: They "were sweet, salty and crunchy, definitely calories worth eating." Five stars.

The Heavy on Exclamation Points News: Yelper D'Andrea M. had only nice things to say. "Food and service is excellent! There is something for everyone on the menu and at a great price! The restaurant itself is gorgeous!  Definitely a must go to restaurant!  We will definitely be back!" Five stars.

The Sauces Are Not Great News: Yelper Brooke K. liked the sea bass, which was "cooked perfectly," but she found the sauce "overpowering and salty." Four stars.

The Sauces Are Great News: Yelper Tiffany M. liked most of the menu including the lobster and crab cake which comes tight a mustard sauce that is "perfect." Four stars.

The I Love Televisions News: Yelper Aaron K. gave the restaurant a five star rating because of how many TV's it has. "There are so many TV's in just the right spots and they'll change them to whatever channel you want." Five stars.

The Makes You Feel Like a Superhero News: Yelper Jonathan P. gave the restaurant five stars and a review rife with superhero analogies. "Very good and elegant design, it makes you feel like you are a superhero on break with a meeting with Batman and Tony Stark."

The Bad News: Yelper Diane M. visited the restaurant opening night but encountered too many kinks for her happiness. A round of $14 drinks came out but many of them were half full, dinner was "another bust," the mahi tacos are "tasteless" but the mustard sauce was good. Two stars.

The Service Is Good News: Yelper Bern N. recently visited the restaurant on his birthday and found good service. "The waitress did ask me to check the steak to see if it was cooked correctly. The service was great as well."  Five stars.

The Great News: Yelper R.A. called the restaurant "gorgeous" and was impressed by the "delicious" food. "Overall this is an excellent restaurant that could give any restaurant in New York or Miami a run for its money." Five stars.

The So-So News: Jose Lambiet, the person behind Gossip Extra, found that the restaurant overall was just okay. He did enjoy the "great bison burger" and the truffle fries which didn't "disappear in the truffle oil."