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Meth Lab Taco Bell Cleared to Reopen

But the company is unsure about exactly when it will again begin serving out of this location.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Iowa Taco Bell that also functioned as an active methamphetamine lab has been cleared to reopen, notes the Associated Press. Earlier this month, a (now former) employee was arrested alongside another conspirator after police officers responded to calls about suspicious activity at the chain. When the officers went inside, they found signs of a meth lab.

The employee, 31-year-old Christopher Adam, admitted that he manufactured meth at the restaurant for "personal use" so that he could "stay high all the time." The meth was not cooked in the restaurant's kitchen, but the location was temporarily shuttered so that it could be properly cleaned and reinspected.

The AP writes the health department found the Taco Bell was safe after "two rounds of environmental testing." However, the company is unsure when it will reopen the location. During the clean up, a number of items had to be discarded including a range of foods and other supplies. Taco Bell says it must restock these items and retrain staff before it can start slinging chalupas and Cinnabon-flavored coffee again. Eater has reached out to Taco Bell for comment.