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McDonald's Beefs Up the Quarter Pounder, Offers Scholarship to Filipino Boy

And, there's a ridiculous new show called 'Food To Get You Laid'

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— Go ahead and start calling it the Quarter Pounder Plus: McDonald's is adding a little more weight to one of its signature sandwiches. The Quarter Pounder previously weighed in at four ounces — you know, a quarter of a pound — before cooking, but now it's up to 4.25 ounces. That's a 6 percent increase in the face of rising beef prices. There's no word yet on a possible price hike.

— The golden arches' Philippines operation is doing some good by offering a "basic education scholarship" to a 9-year-old boy. The child was filmed studying on a sidewalk outside a Micky D's location in the country, and the video went viral. The scholarship covers school expenses, including supplies and his uniform, through 12th grade, according to a release.

— A new cooking show for desperate bros premieres tonight on Logo TV. Food To Get You Laid is hosted by ripped chef Ronnie Woo, who "helps ensure that love fills their hearts and stomachs — and takes their relationship to the next level," according to the show's website. For anyone looking to preview the show, here's a video starring Woo entitled "Cooking Term or Sex Position?" Ugh.

— A health-conscious shopper tried to get a sneaky discount at Whole Foods, but instead she's facing charges. The 35-year-old woman swapped price tags on a high-end probiotic and liver cleanse, checking out for $7.95 instead of the $99.98 the product actually cost. Once the switcheroo was discovered, police arrested her and charged her with sixth-degree larceny.

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