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The Sale of Palcohol Is Now Illegal in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new law that bans the sale of powdered alcohol.

We Oppose Palcohol/Facebook

Sorry New York, there will be no powered alcohol fun in your future. According to the Times Union, Governor Andrew Cuomo slapped down every tween's dream of secretly getting buzzed at school by signing into law legislation that bans powdered alcohol, including Palcohol, from being sold in the state. Cuomo called Palcohol "a public health disaster waiting to happen."

New York is now the 21st state to ban the sale of the substance. Senator Chuck Schumer, who has long been a vocal opponent of Palcohol, is very pleased with the decision: "It is great that New York is leading on this issue, but this ban should be national, so I will continue to push legislation to do just that."

The makers of Palcohol have had a very difficult time getting the product on shelves. Many are concerned that the powdered product — which comes in seven varieties like Lemon Drop and Kamikaze — will encourage underage drinking.

The company first stirred up controversy when it used copy on its website suggesting that users "sneak packets into venues to avoid paying for overpriced booze," and acknowledging that it is possible to snort Palcohol. Shortly after that, the company gained and then lost approval from the government over issues regarding the product's labels, though the labels were eventually re-approved.

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