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Five Times Donald Trump Shilled for McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and Other Food Brands

Watch The Donald awkwardly eat stuffed crust pizzas, $1 burgers, and more.

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Before Donald Trump embarrassed himself earlier this month during the Republican debates, and before he embarrassed himself with his comments about Mexican immigrants, the man with the famous combover managed to embarrass himself by starring in awful commercials for big food brands. Over the years the real estate mogul and current presidential candidate has shilled for Pizza Hut, McDonald's, and even Oreos, bringing his signature coif and stiff speaking style to each commercial. Check out the five best Trump food commercials below:

1) Watch Donald Trump feign shock over McDonald's $1 Big N' Tasty:

2) Watch Donald Trump help Pizza Hut sell its Big New Yorker pizza by talking about New Yorkers do everything "bigger and bolder":

3) Watch Donald Trump eat Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza backwards with his ex-wife Ivana Trump, after they got divorced. Yes, the ad includes a joke about splitting assets, which in this case is the last slice of pizza:

4) Watch Donald Trump and his SNL impersonater Darrell Hammond (who now plays KFC's Colonel Sanders) face off in a Double Stuf Oreo eating contest against NFL stars and brothers Eli and Peyton Manning:

5) This is technically not an ad, but watch Darrell Hammond pretend to be Donald Trump shooting a Domino's commercial: