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McDonald's Apologizes for Threatening to Fire Employees Who Feed the Homeless in France

The notice was removed after being circulated on social media.


McDonald's is quickly backtracking after one of its French locations put up a notice forbidding employees from feeding the homeless. According to The Guardian, the fast-food chain has officially apologized after management in a McDonald's near to Marseille put up a notice threatening to fire employees who used their daily meal to feed "vagrants." To make matters worse, the notice added, "McDonald's is not in the business of feeding all the hungry people in the land."

After the letter began to circulate on social media, the burger chain apologized to customers in a statement, calling the notice "clumsy" and assuring it had been quickly removed by management. Apparently, the sign had been prompted by a "serious incident" which occurred at the restaurant on July 25 involving two homeless people. The statement also explained that the intent behind management's actions was to keep the company's customer's safe.

This isn't the first time McDonald's has been in hot water over their policies toward employees and consumers. In June, a homosexual employee in Connecticut alleged she was forbidden from working alongside female employees before being fired for being gay. In May, thousands of dissatisfied McDonald's employees staged a protest near the company's headquarters in Illinois to demand higher wages. That same month, a location in England was met with criticism after rolling out a policy of breathalyzing customers before allowing them in. These PR snafus can't be good for the flailing burger chain which is in the midst of a financial crisis.

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