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Watch Tina Fey Play an Obnoxious Midwestern Food Blogger

"She is not Midwestern. She is mean-western."

Here's the latest episode from the new digital comedy series Hudson Valley Ballers that centers around a couple that runs a bed and breakfast in upstate New York. Comedian Tina Fey pays an obnoxious food blogger named Gingie from the Midwest who comes to review the B&B. Gingie doles out plenty of false compliments in person ("And this breakfast, let me tell ya. If I were going to the electric chair, I would want this for my last meal") before quickly trashing it online ("The breakfast was the worst I have eaten... the eggs are an insult to chickens.") Gingie hated the muffins too: "The muffins were more stale than an inmates' kiss. It came in handy when I needed to exfoliate my heels." Gingie's thoughts on lunch are even worse but somehow it all ends in the couple's favor. Go, watch.

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