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'Ice Nerd' Jennifer Colliau Explains Perfect Cocktail Temperatures

Colliau has ice down to a science

Sure, a cocktail is simply booze, accents, and ice poured into a glass, but paying attention to the science can make for a much more civilized beverage. In this video, Jennifer Colliau, beverage director at The Interval in San Francisco, explains how she cools drinks to perfect temperatures with proper stirring and ice deployment. Among Colliau's boozy scientific advancements is an Old Fashioned served in a glass with the ice already frozen in. Colliau says, "A lot of ice nerds like to talk about how an ice sphere or an ice ball has the least amount of surface area to it, but a flat plane has less than that. So it's a little bit gimmicky, but it's also, like, totally true."

The Interval

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