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PYT Will Bring Its Gluttonous Burgers to London This Month

If all goes well, owner Tommy Up says he would consider opening a permanent location in the city.

PYT's Bacon Wrap Donut Burger.
PYT's Bacon Wrap Donut Burger.

The stunt-burger champions behind Philadelphia's PYT will bring their special brand of gluttony to London for three days later this month. According to Metro, the restaurant will participate in two food festivals — the Mr. Hyde National Burger Day party and Street Feast 2015 — August 27 through August 29. The restaurant — which is currently in the midst of expanding to New York City — is known for its over-the-top creations like a burger with deep-fried pizza for buns and its Fried Chicken & Beer Burger which features a "crunchy fried wonton that is magically filled with PBR."

Londoners should gird their stomachs because it appears PYT has no plans to go easy on customers across the pond. At the National Burger Day party, the restaurant will serve its Picklebar Burger — an edible riff of the popular shot combination — which features a brisket patty with bacon, cheese, a mound of fried spicy pickle chips, and a Jameson whiskey glaze between two buns.

At Street Feast, the restaurant will serve a brand new burger it created just for London. Owner Tommy Up tells the paper: "We are intent on remixing a British classic but that's all I can say for now." (Perhaps a full English breakfast burger is in the works?) Up adds that if the response is good, he is "100 percent" open to expanding to London permanently.