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Want a New Gig in the Industry? Check Out the Improved Eater Jobs

Opportunities are right this way.

Daniel Krieger

Just a quick reminder that Eater isn't just a space to read news, gossip, features, and reports. It also provides a utility for our industry friends and readers who need to hire and recruit. We recently partnered with Culinary Agents, a leader in job-matching for the food, beverage, and hospitality industry, to bring offer an improved jobs marketplace.

The jobs board features a fresh take on listings, with user-friendly posting tools, better analytics, and instant access to the best professionals in the industry. All this, with increased promotion on Eater, the source for dining and nightlife news in the country's most vibrant food cities. Culinary Agents isn't just a jobs board or matching service, it's a community where industry folks can follow one another, connect, and get advice. Head this way to check it out.