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Thousands of Natty Light Cans Destroyed in Truck Crash; 'Tom Brady Sux' Beer

Plus, Italy really loves craft beer.

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Console the frat bro closest to you today because he just received some trying news: According to the Tampa Bay Times, a Budweiser truck overturned in Florida this morning, sacrificing thousands of cans of Natural "Natty" Light — the beverage that has fueled countless rounds of beer pong — to the highway. The truck driver was apparently "distracted by his dog," turned too hard, and collided with the center median of the freeway. We'd suggest pouring one out for the lost beer cans, but clearly enough of that has already been done.

Football star Tom Brady has been immortalized on a beer can, but probably not in the way he would want.
The Indianapolis Star writes that more than 20,000 cans of Indianapolis brewery Sun King's Wee Mac Scottish Ale features the message "Tom Brady Sux." The message is written on the bottom of the can, right next to the born-on-date. The message started as a prank by an employee who works on the brewery's canning line just a few days after DeflateGate, where Brady was accused of tampering with the footballs used in January's AFC championship game. The employee is now required to submit a list of the sayings "he plans to stamp on the bottom of beer cans each week."

Italy may be known for its fancy fine wines, but the country's residents really love craft beer as of late. The Huffington Post notes that a number of craft breweries are popping up around Italy and local cafes are eager to showcase "innovative" local beers. The Italian breweries are particularly influenced by America's rapidly expanding craft beer scene as well as by beers brewed in Belgium. Other popular craft beer styles include "high acidity sours and rustic wild ales."