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Colorful Pantone-Inspired Pop-Up Café Sets Up Shop in Monaco

Brace for color-coded treats.

Pantone Cafe

London isn't the only place with a penchant for peculiar pop-upsAccording to Design Boom, Monaco is hosting a pop-up restaurant that appeals to those with a designer's aesthetic. A restaurant group has opened the Pantone Café, a bistro inspired by Pantone, which the café's website notes is the color identification and matching system created "to solve the problems associated with producing accurate colors in the graphic arts community."

Until September 9, visitors to the Pantone Café will be able to order a number of color-coded snacks where each dish "responds to a matching hue." This means there are dishes like Pantone 16-1731, a strawberry ice cream that bears the same pink hue as the swatch and the Pantone 19-1625, an eclair that is topped with a chocolate ganache of the same brown shade as the swatch.

The menu also includes color-based lattes, croissants, sodas, sandwiches, cocktails, and a number of cold pressed juices. The menu isn't the only part of the pop-up to get the Pantone treatment either: "Saturated tones are applied" to all of the decor including folding chairs, food trays, napkins, and even the façade of the café.

This isn't the first time Pantone has made an appearance on a restaurant menu. San Francisco cocktail bar Trick Dog used to offer a Pantone-based drinks menu. The menu was a color-swatch booklet that described a cocktail based off of the color.