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McDonald's Asked Blind Woman to Leave Because She Had a Service Dog

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The woman plans to press charges.


A McDonald's in Norway made a major McMistake last weekend: According to RT, a location in Norway may soon be under investigation by the police for asking a visually impaired woman to leave because she had her service dog with her. Tina Marie Asikainen, her five-year-old daughter, and her guide dog Rex visited a location in Fredriskstand last Friday for a meal. However, two minutes before they finished their dinner, they were asked to leave.

Asikainen tells NRK (translated) she was asked to leave because of her dog even though "Rex was clearly wearing a fluorescent harness with a ‘guide dog' sign." The employee who initially asked her leave was "soon joined by five others" who allegedly asked her to exit the restaurant quite loudly. Asikainen says she explained that she is blind and showed them "her handler's indignity card" but the employees "were not interested in reading it." Asikainen says that when she told the staff that she would report the incident to the police, they laughed at her.

She notes the experience left her in tears and was incredibly embarrassing. A spokesperson for McDonald's Norway tells RT: "If this is true we regret it, for this certainly isn't what is supposed to happen." Asikainen says she is pressing charges against McDonald's this week.

Unfortunately Asikainen isn't the first person to get kicked out of a restaurant due to a service animal. In February, a Sacramento restaurant refused to serve a former cop because he showed up at the restaurant with his service pitbull. The restaurant claims that the man was asked to leave because he couldn't provide "additional proof that his dog was a service animal." A year earlier, a Florida restaurant called the police on a disabled couple because the staff didn't believe the couple's dogs were actually service pets.

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