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Pennsylvania Dunkin' Donuts Hosts Weekly Pay-It-Forward Chain

Every Friday, a number of customers at the drive-thru pay for the person behind them.


The drive-thru customers of a Dunkin' Donuts location in Pennsylvania love a pay-it-forward chain — so much so that they start one every Friday. According to the York Dispatch, a different person will come to the drive-thru window on Fridays and will pay for the order behind them. The next person typically then continues the gesture. Sometimes the chain is only two customers long but usually it attracts between three and ten participants.

However, two weeks ago the pay-it-forward chain hit an all-time high of 32 participants. The only reason the chain ended was because there were "no more cars in the drive-thru." Manager Rob Shimmel tells the paper: "We wanted to keep it going, there was just no more customers... My employees did everything they could." The largest order in the chain was $9.32.

Among chains, Chick-fil-A restaurants are particularly prone to pay-it-forward schemes. Last month, a chain lasting 215 customers spontaneously started on a random Thursday morning. Last year, a location in Florida had a chain that lasted for 38 cars. Starbucks customers are also eager participants in such good deeds. In 2013, around Christmas, nearly 1,500 customers took part in a multi-day chain in Connecticut.

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