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Anthony Bourdain Gets Wasted on Negronis; The Invention of Hypoallergenic Peanuts

Mark Bittman has a new online series and Whataburger takes a stance on guns.

Larry French/Getty Images

Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain opens up to Maxim about the time he got wasted on Negronis. Bourdain was shooting in Tuscany when he had the the bright idea to make them for his crew. He happened to forget that Negronis "hit you like a freight train after four or five." All he can recall is staggering into kitchen on the hunt for cheese (as one does when wasted on Negronis) and in the process finding his camera man half sleeping in the freezer.

—Good news for those with nut allergies. Modern Farmer writes that North Carolina A&T State University and a Canadian tech-ag firm partnered to created a hypoallergenic peanut. These peanuts are soaked "in an enzymatic solution that removes roughly 98 percent of allergens," and the nuts should be hitting stores soon.

— Mark Bittman has launched a new online food series and TV show. California Matters With Mark Bittman will debut as a television special this fall, and it premiered online on earlier this week. The 10-part web series follows the author across the state of California "to explore research in food and health policies as well as sustainable agriculture by several University of California campuses."

— Whataburger is the latest chain to take a stance against guns within the restaurant. The chain recently "clarified its policy" on open-carry guns and asked customers to refrain from carrying their firearms into its restaurants. Person Atkinson, the company's CEO, writes that the decision was based off of making the most number of customers feel as comfortable as possible: "From a business standpoint ... we have to think about how open carry impacts our 34,000-plus employees and millions of customers." The chain swiftly received backlash online from open-carry supporters.

— Renowned Swiss chef Philippe Rochat — who owned the three-Michelin starred Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville —  has passed away at the age of 61. Police say he died while cycling with two other people and "probably became faint." Authorities are still investigating his death.

— Just days after it was revealed that the FBI is investigating (now former) Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle for child pornography, the stores have wiped away Fogle's presence. A customer tweeted out a photo of a Subway, showing a board that used to display an image of Fogle is now completely blank.

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