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Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

— Jim Beam is one of America's most-recognizable bourbons, and the company behind the brown liquor is keeping its products relevant with cutting-edge food science. Quartz goes inside what Jim Beam calls its "Liquid Arts Studio," where scientists, marketers, and anthropologists determine how to sell the distillery's products worldwide. The 57,000-square-foot facility contains a replica liquor store, living room, and nightclub. Among the innovations Jim Beam scientists are working on: creating a louder "pop" that comes from opening a can of Jim Beam Cola, which is desirable in the Vietnam market.

— With the rise of craft breweries in America, it's common for a beer geek to deride mass-market suds as tasting like piss. As it turns out, a music festival in Denmark is creating beer from pissGizmodo writes that the festival is partnering with the Danish Agriculture and Food Council to fertilize barely with urine from the site. From that grain, beer for the 2017 edition of the festival will be brewed.

— For anyone who likes to drink beer right after competing in athletic events, two brewers in Boston have created an enticing elixir. BostInno reports on Might Squirrel, which is apparently the first beer to contain five grams of protein. It's brewed at Von Trapp Brewery in Vermont, and a Vienna lager and light version are available. Look out, Michelob Ultra, Mighty Squirrel is coming for you: "We loved playing tennis with friends and enjoying celebratory beers afterwards, but we wanted a brew that would fit in better at the finish line," co-founder Henry Manice said.