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Twin Peaks Restaurant Sued by Widow of Slain Texas Biker

Her husband's killer hasn't been identified, but the widow holds Twin Peaks responsible.

Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

A Dallas County widow is seeking revenge for the death of her slain biker husband in the form of a lawsuit. According to ABC News, the wife of Jesus Delgado Rodriguez — one of nine killed in the biker gang shootout at Waco's Twin Peaks restaurant — has filed a lawsuit for unspecified damages resulting from the May 17 blood bath. Widow Mary Rodriguez is going up against the parent company that owns the Texas-based restaurant chain, claiming that Twin Peaks acted negligently by allowing rival biker gangs to congregate outside of its Waco location after being warned of rising tensions by police.

Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, commonly known as Mohawk, was a 65-year-old Vietnam War vet who died as a result of several gunshot wounds to the head and torso area during the violent exchange. Shortly after his death, his son defended his actions to NBC News, "He never carried any kind of weapons. He didn't even wear colors or anything like that. He used to carry a small pocket knife but he was told he couldn't bring it into a convention once — so, he stopped carrying even that."

Rodriguez, his surviving widow, is now seeking justice for her late husband's death. She told the Associated Press, "[His death was] something that shouldn't have happened. I think the police should have stopped it." While many blame the police, it is Twin Peaks who faced the brunt of the consequences, being forced to shutter their Waco location following claims that they ignored police warnings which could have prevented the deadly brawl.

While it is still unclear which gang fired the first shot, police recovered more than 300 weapons from the scene that left 192 people, from as many as five different gangs, arrested. However, all but four of those arrested have been released on bail and are currently awaiting trial. It still remains uncertain which individuals are responsible for each of the nine deaths — autopsy and ballistic reports have not yet been released to the public.