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Vegans Petition Starbucks for More Vegan Food to Eat With Their Vegan Coffee

They really want vegan muffins.


Vegans can't stop petitioning Starbucks. Starbucks recently doubled-down on dairy alternatives in stores; it now offers coconut milk in addition to soy milk. However, vegans want more changes to the menu. According to a petition, signees are hoping the chain will add more animal product-free food options.

Starbucks' new BBQ Beef Brisket sandwich is the exact opposite of what they are looking for

The petition says that those who prefer a plant-based diet are limited to snack options like oatmeal and a "few pre-packed fruit-based snacks." Vegans want to be able to purchase items like muffins and "hearty meat-, egg-, and dairy-free" sandwiches. (Starbucks' new BBQ Beef Brisket sandwich with Sonoma Jack cheese is perhaps the exact opposite of what they are looking for.) The petition further notes that competing chains like Le Pain Quotidien and Au Bon Pain already offer a number of "hearty vegan options." So far, the petition has garnered over 11,000 signatures.

Vegans have a history of petitioning the coffee giant. In 2013, a petition was launched to convince the chain to offer a vegan version of its famed pumpkin spice latte, which is made with condensed milk. The year before that, vegans petitioned Starbucks to stop using food dye "made from crushed beetles," an effort that eventually turned out to be successful.