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Hostess to File for an IPO; Cars That Will Buy and Pay for Your Morning Coffee

Plus a new Kickstarter from the potato salad guy.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

— Not only will cars of the future be able to order pizzas, they will be able to take care of your morning coffee run. Bloomberg writes that companies are working on technology that would let a car "order coffee, pay for it, and guide the driver to pick it up."

— Dreamer and Space X founder Elon Musk wants people to build pizzerias on Mars. He says that he plans to make "space travel affordable not just to make it easier to do science, but to open up the prospect of entrepreneurship," and plenty of pizza shops, because is the future even really worth exploring without pizza?

— The guy behind the surprisingly successful potato salad Kickstarter that raised $55,000 is back at it again. This time, he is going to "grind a jet ski into powder, then sell the powder in glass vials to Kickstarter backers." As part of the Kickstarter project — which appears to be some strange art project — people have the option of flying to Ohio and riding the jet ski before it's ground up. Sounds strange, but then again this person managed to convince total strangers to give him thousands of dollars to make potato salad.

— Starbucks introduced cold brew coffee to its menus in a handful of cities for the first time in March, but now the coffee is available nationwide (and in Canada.) Cold brew, which has become trendier and trendier over the years, never comes into contact with heat, unlike iced coffee.

— The smelly, divisive fish known as sardines may be vanishing. America's major sardine fishery, which is located on the West Coast, was deemed "in such perilous condition" that it was not allowed to open this year. Additionally, sardine fishery is being banned on the West Coast because the "amount of sardines present in the ocean" has fallen below levels that authorities consider sustainable.

— Less than three years after the company filed for bankruptcy, Hostess is now gearing up for an IPO. This means that Twinkies appear to be back for good, but will they be worth more than Shack Shack?

— In reaction to sanctions in Ukraine, Russia banned the import of many goods from the EU, including cheese. The only problem is that the Russians are apparently a cheese-obsessed people. So the country of "millions of resourceful cheese-loving citizens and hundreds of thousands of corrupt officials have found ways around the ban." Their favorite trick? Slapping lactose-free labels on the imported cheese, which are allowed under the ban.