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Ariana Grande Licked a Bunch Of Doughnuts and Declared She Hates America

What did you do this Fourth of July?

Larry Marano/Getty Images

Pint-sized songstress Ariana Grande definitely has one more problem thanks to her antics in a doughnut shop over the weekend. According to Hollywood Life, 22-year-old Grande was caught on camera with her backup dancer — and rumored boyfriend — Ricky Alvarez at Wolfee Doughnuts in Lake Elsinore, Calif. racking up a few health code violations. Owner Joe Marin claims that the duo spit and licked several of the doughnuts before putting them back on the tray.

Marin notes, "I'm upset... We sold those by accident to other people and didn't catch it until hours later." The video shows the couple laughing which Marin says was "because they were tampering with the doughnuts on the counter as a practical joke" and he wants an apology. Grande's comments on the video also managed to make a stir: In reaction to a large tray of doughnuts being brought out to the counter, she sneered, "What the f--- is that? I hate Americans. I hate America." To make things worse, the day she visited the doughnut shop also happened to be the Fourth of July.

The singer has predictably received a hefty amount of backlash online, and many say that she has pulled out of performing at the upcoming MLB All-Star Game concert over the situation. One thing is for sure, Grande should stay wide-and-clear of the Cherbuble which features a red, white, and blue cake stuffed with pie, making it perhaps the most American dessert of them all. Check out the video below: