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Donald Trump Banned From Pizzeria for Being the Worst

His employees get a discount at the pizzeria though.

Tony Baloney's

Here's a major life lesson: If you make idiotic and insulting comments about people, you could get banned from pizzerias. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a New Jersey pizza shop has banned strangely coiffed presidential candidate Donald Trump from its establishment. Trump made comments last month saying that Mexican immigrants are "in many cases criminals, drug dealers, [and] rapists."

The owners of Tony Baloney's — which is located in Atlantic City — took to Facebook to express their outrage at Trump. The post reads "Sorry Trump, YOU'RE BANNED!." It continues, "We have no tolerance for your ignorant rhetoric." Not only is Trump banned, all employees at Trump's Taj Mahal casino will receive a discount at the pizzeria just because they must "look at his name every day."

The pizzeria isn't the first business to take a stand against Trump. His clothing line was pulled from Macy's, his Miss Universe Pageant was dropped by multiple networks, and Chicago's 5 Rabbit Cerveceria has stopped brewing its special beer for the bar at the Trump Tower. People are also calling for chef José Andrés to reconsider opening a restaurant within Trump's D.C. hotel.