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Famous British Chefs Suffer From Addiction, Injury in Stark New Ad Campaign

The campaign shows images of chefs like Heston Blumenthal, Tom Kerridge, and Jason Atherton.

Hospitality Action

A stark new ad campaign features images of prominent British chefs suffering from a number of issues. According to Big Hospitality, charity organization Hospitality Action's latest campaign aims to bring attention to the "range of issues hospitality workers can face" such has depression, alcoholism, and injuries. Hospitality Action's chief executive Penny Moore notes, "We want people to stop and look at it with the message being 'it can happen to anyone.'" She adds, "The images are also quite shocking and will really make people take notice."

Participating chefs are made to look as if they suffer from the issues, but the text notes that these images were staged. Jason Atherton (Pollen Street Social) is shown to be struggling with addiction, Heston Blumenthal (Fat Duck) is portrayed as having a serious injury, and Tom Kerridge (The Hand & Flowers), is made to seem like he is battling a critical illness. Moore says she hopes the recognizable faces will get people to stop and think about the how even well-respected members of the hospitality industry may be suffering: "We hope the campaign will raise greater awareness of the charity and highlight how we can help industry employees find the right solutions to the problems they're facing."

Issues like heavy drug use and sexual harassment are very prevalent in the restaurant industry. So are injuries: Last year it was revealed that baristas frequently suffer repetitive stress injuries from lifting heavy pitchers of milk and making multi-step drinks.