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Quiz: Is This a Real Cookbook?

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"Smoothies for Human Beauty" by Ricky Martin: too good to be true?

Magic Soup. Quack Quack Duck. Kawaii 5-0Gluten Is My Bitch. If you stare at cookbook covers long enough, they all start seeming a little unreal. So we're putting it to the test: How well can you differentiate between a real cookbook that was written and published by human beings, and a wholly fabricated product of your trusty Eater editors getting a little punchy in a group chat?

With the help of our talented designers, we mocked up fake covers for some of our favorite fake cookbook titles, and interspersed them with some of our favorite real ones. Take the quiz below to see if you can identify the difference between reality and beautiful, beautiful fantasy. (Hint: One of the titles we mention above isn't real. But that means the rest of them actually are.)

Special thanks to Aidan Feay, Josh Laincz, Dylan Lathrop, Casey Miller, Lauren Rabaino, Alisha Ramos, Eden Rohatensky, and Jason Santa Maria