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For Some Reason, This Salted-Salmon Chewy Candy Exists

In case you need more Omega 3 in your diet.


Just when you thought Japanese snacks couldn't get any weirder, well, they got weirder. Kotaku reports on the newest Japanese treat that sounds disgusting: salted-salmon chewy candy. Pucco, the company responsible for this odd consumable, produces more toned-down flavors such as grape, but has partnered with Sanrio to create this limited-edition flavor in honor of the popular animated character Kirimi-chan. Pucco went as far as to give part of the candy a gray color to mimic salmon skin and added salmon flakes to the center for an added je ne sais quoi. As unappetizing as it sounds, many consumers have described it as having an orange flavor with only hints of fish, while others said it was sweet and mild.