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The Seamless Redesign Isn't Being Well Received

Users are unhappy.

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Seamless' new website design

New York-based food-delivery service Seamless has been a favorite of tech-savvy eaters since it launched a few of years ago, but a recent redesign has users up in arms. Seemless says it's made ordering delivery easier, but as Gawker notes, many are finding that statement to be incorrect.

The company has apparently based its new product on user feedback, boasting new search functions, PayPal compatibility, and recommendations based on popular restaurants. However, because people generally don't like change — and people on the Internet love to express disdain — the reception has been less than rosy.

The Seamless Twitter account, which like so many modern brands enjoys making corny jokes geared toward Millennials, is now spending much more time apologizing to users.

Seamless tweets

To be fair, Seamless has been up front regarding the issues with its redesign. The company's FAQ page mentions potential issues with order history ("... we were unable to transfer some of your past orders"), lack of certain restaurant menus ("We are still working to get some restaurants on the new site"), and missing features ("... we made many changes to best reflect the needs of our users"). Those are the problems that seem to be driving the Internet outrage.

Part of Seamless' new design is an integration with Grub Hub — the two companies merged in 2013. The app has been significantly expanding its reach in recent months. It integrated with Google Wallet in April, and then with Google search in May.