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It looks like burger chain Wahlburgers — opened in 2011 by Paul, actor Mark, and former New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg — has got the right stuff. According to the Orlando Weekly, the fast-casual joint will make the move to Orlando and take over the downtown space currently occupied by Simply Puur at 200 S. Orange Avenue. It seems the Wahlberg gang will also get help from successful Orlando restaurateur Manny Garcia, who signed a franchise deal with the brothers back in December, per Orlando Weekly reported

The Massachusetts-based Wahlberg trio seems to know the recipe for success, with plans in the works to open several locations in Boston and Philadelphia, as well as Las Vegas. But the family isn't stopping there; the new Orlando spot is only the first of 20 storefronts planned for the Sunshine State, along with several stores set to open in Canada. The Wahlbergs are even taking their brand of burger to one of the most competitive markets in the country, currently working on seven New York restaurants. In fact, Donnie spoke to the Boston Globe about hopes of opening 300 locations worldwide.

How is the chain expanding so quickly? In addition to the celebrity attached to the Wahlberg name, it's been heavily promoted through the family's A&E reality show that follows the ins and outs of the business. There's also the fact that all of the new storefronts will be franchises, although potential franchisees are required to have a minimum of $5 million in the bank.