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Jarry Mag 'Explores Where Food and Gay Culture Intersect'

It's a new publication raising funds on Kickstarter right now.


From James Beard to Craig Claiborne, gay men have played a major part in America's cultural food history. A new magazine out of Brooklyn, N.Y. called Jarry is using this history as a springboard to appeal directly to those interested in both gay and food culture.

According to its Kickstarter page, Jarry will be published biannually and seeks to bring together "gay chefs, eaters, artisans, writers, photographers, artists, and industry influencers, and celebrates the art of gay domesticity." In addition to recipes, the magazine will publish features like "the state of the queer kitchen, by a James Beard Award-winning writer," and photo essays like a "self-portrait series by a queer artist, exploring the post-World War II all-American housewife."

The publication promises to be distributed widely; it will cost $20 per issue upon launch. So far, Jarry's Kickstarter has raised $6,500 of a $25,000 goal, with 28 days left in the campaign.