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Coffee Nerd Killjoys; Will José Andrés #DumpTrump?

Plus more news and reviews from across the country.

Scott Schiller/Flickr

— What to read with your flat white: The Guardian's Simon Binns makes the case that coffee obsessives are ruining the very experience they exult. Cafe culture used to be full of small little joys — gingerbread lattes, for instance — but it's now percolated with an undercurrent of snobbery. Binns: " the industry grows, so does the aching presence of the coffee bore. And they're everywhere. Not for the first time, the 'craft' movement is slowly and earnestly sucking the joy out of something that isn't half as complicated or important as some people think it is."

— A petition calling for José Andrés to reconsider the location of his forthcoming restaurant — it is slated to open inside a property owned by rich bigot/joke fodder Donald Trump — has gathered nearly 1,400 of its intended 1,500 signatures. Andrés has been outspoken on the subject of immigration in the U.S. but has so far remained mum about this petition.

— Presented without comment: Disney's breakfast waffle cone is an omelet inside a large ice cream cone.

— Russia is getting tough on fast food: According to, if it passes, a new bill would "render it almost impossible to promote foodstuffs with high sugar, salt and saturated fat content... [new] amendments to federal laws on advertising... would seriously restrict [ads for] sugar-containing sodas, sweets, margarine, potato chips, some types of sausages and many types of fast food."

— Starbucks is expanding its wireless charging stations to more locations in San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles.

— Could Chipotle be facing some hard times? Barron's writes that the country's favorite burrito slinger is showing signs of slowing down in the stockmarket as rivals work on their messaging and food offerings, and new companies — like Shake Shack — introduce exciting IPOs.