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Elementary School-Themed Pop-Up Features Fish Sticks and Homework

Pay $88 to relive your glory days.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

It's no secret that London loves a themed pop-up restaurant, but this might be the strangest of them all. According to the Independent, there is a new pop-up experience — called After School Club — that will basically serve food from your elementary school's cafeteria.

The menu features items like alphabet-shaped noodles and fish fingers, and even the decor is made to look like a "school hall." Attendees will receive
five-courses of "post school dinners" that also come with "theatre, music, homework, and milk monitors."

The experience will cost diners a hefty £55 ($88) for what probably costs school children a couple of bucks. And yes, the people behind the pop-up really believe that people will want to pay $88 for a meal that comes with homework. The After School Club will be open from July 22 through August 6.

While the pop-up caters to adults who want to eat like kids, chef Marcus Wareing's restaurant Treadwell's is launching a menu for kids who want to eat like adults. According to the Independent, the menu features eight courses and is the "first tasting menu devised for children."

The school-themed pop-up is just the latest dining experience to hit the city. In recent months, London has played host to everything from a pop-up bar featuring live owls, to one that served only 3D printed foods, to another that offered only canned foods.

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