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KFC Releases Limited-Edition Graphic Novel Starring Colonel Sanders

It depicts the events that lead to him discovering his "real super power": making fried chicken.


KFC will temporarily stand for Kentucky Fried Comics this weekend: According to a press release, the chicken chain has created a comic book starring its mascot, Colonel Sanders. The graphic novel — called KFC Presents: The Colonel's Adventure Comics — will depict the the early events of his life that "eventually led to the discovery of his real super power."

What's the that super power? "The combination of a pressure cooker and secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, better known as his world-famous Original Recipe Chicken," obviously. The limited-edition graphic novel will be available only at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, although a digital version is available online.

The comic book comes just a few months after KFC released an absurd Atari-style game as part of its hipster makeover. The "historically" accurate game takes players on a journey through the Colonel's life. Levels include tasks such as helping the Colonel catch flying babies off of a trampoline, and having the Colonel face punch his client in a court room to earn a golden drumstick. Check out the new comic in full below: