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Join Eater's Growing Video Team

One of us! One of us!

Want to be involved in the growing universe of Eater? The time is now. Eater is hiring for multiple key full time positions. We're looking for a Creative Producer to oversee the strategy for digital videos on and off platform and short form video creators to round out our growing video team.

The Creative Producer will drive the creative vision and strategy behind our in-house video programming. This person will work with a growing team of producers, shooters, editors, and animators to create new video concepts, tweak current concepts, and set priorities and goals for the video team. We want someone with a strong idea of what Eater video should be and how we can get there, both in terms of on and off platform video programming.

Meanwhile we're also seeking talented creators to make beautiful and entertaining videos about food, drinks, restaurants, bars, and restaurant life. Our video staff is part of Eater's editorial team, so above all we're looking for passionate storytellers who prefer the medium of video to the written word. Video creators will make multiple videos a week, focusing especially on social assets and videos built specifically for off-platform channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

Go here and here for full descriptions and to apply.