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Wendy's Struck by Lightning: Freak Accident or Act of God?

It happened in Florida.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Are the Heavens mad that Wendy's is on a health kick? A Florida location was recently struck with an intense bolt of lightning, notes the Daily Dot. The chain announced in May that it is adding a black bean veggie burger to its menu, and just a few months before that, Wendy's removed sodas from the kids' meal options. Is this a sign that mother Earth want the chain to focus on slinging Frosties and giant nine-patty burgers instead?

YouTube user Hollin Hoffman was snapchatting the rainstorm to his friends when he inadvertently captured lightning hitting a Gainsville outlet of the burger chain. The building looks like it remained intact, however.

The same cannot be said for an outpost of the chain in Virginia. Last month, a lightning strike hit another Wendy's and sparked a fire which damaged the roof of the building before fire fighters could put it out. Checkout a video of the Florida lightning strike below: