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Fidel Castro Leaves His House For the First Time in Three Months to Talk About Cheese

The former Cuban president met with 19 cheese masters last week.

Jorge Rey/Getty Images

Cheese can convince a number of people to get out of bed, including Fidel Castro, the ailing former president of Cuba. According to the New York Times, the 88-year-old met with 19 cheese masters for four hours last week "in a rare trip outside of his Havana home." It is apparently his first public appearance in three months. These days, Castro prefers to spend his time in his "tacky" living room.

Dressed in gray pants and a white wind-breaker, he addressed the cheesemakers' concerns at the Food Industry Ministry. Granma (translated) notes that Castro was "active" in the discussions which covered everything from the impact of climate change to wars on Cuba's food industry. The cheesemakers added that the country needs to restore the production levels and quality achieved of cheese manufacturing to what it was in the past.

The Inquistr writes that Castro has "quite a love of cheesemaking." Apparently he showed a "great deal of interest" in the techniques the cheese masters used to make their products. Turns out Castro isn't the only controversial politician with a fondness for cheese. It is rumored that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may be suffering from cheese-induced gout. He has been known to send "representatives around the world in search" of the best cheeses.