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11 Things You Didn't Know About Anthony Bourdain

He has some strong thoughts about the "afterlife."

Dylan Rives/Getty Images

Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain is currently in the midst of his new food-focused story-telling tour "Close to the Bone." He chatted with Jennifer Zyman of Atlanta's Creative Loafing ahead of his next show about his television shows and preferences and revealed a number of facts about himself in the process. Below, 11 things you didn't know about Anthony Bourdain, including his thoughts on the afterlife and his breakfast of choice:

1. There are no questions he hates being asked: "Having spent much of my life as an anonymous chef and line cook, I'm grateful that anyone pays any attention at all or asks any question."

2. He is scared of clowns, mimes, and nurse's shoes.

3. He's not a breakfast person: "I don't really eat breakfast. I'm a cup of coffee in the morning guy."

4. He was miserable while shooting his show The Layover: "I went out and shot 10 episodes of The Layover pretty much back-to-back in the space of a month. That was really, really, really tough on me... People loved that show, but it was an absolute misery to make."

5. He considers the time he brought Alton Brown to Atlanta's legendary quirky strip club the Clermont Lounge to be one of his "finest accomplishment[s]."

6. He considers himself to be a "history buff."

7. He stopped smoking when he became a dad.

8. He believes that Asian-Americans are redefining "American food": "American food has always been food made by whoever happens to be living in America. But there is a particularly interesting bunch of people who are really redefining what America's food is, and a lot of them happen to be Asian-American."

9. He does not believe in the concept of afterlife: "I believe that after we die, we are diet for worms. That is all."

10. He is ultra-fascinated by "everything Japanese."

11. Ever since becoming a dad, he has mellowed out: "I don't have any illusions of ever being cool again."

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