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Oreo Debuts Skinny Version Called Oreo Thins

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The new cookies apparently have the same "creme to cookie ratio."

Khushbu Shah/Eater

Oreo can't stop introducing new cookies: Over the past year, the company has introduced a number of flavors — including red velvet and s'mores — and now it's dishing up a thinner version of itself. According to a spokesperson, Oreo Thins are a "light, crisp, and delicate" take on the classic sandwich cookie. While the original version is 12.5mm thick, Oreo Thins clock in at 7.5mm thick. The spokesperson promises that while the Oreo Thin, is well, thinner, it has a "similar creme to cookie ratio" as the regular Oreo.

Though the new cookie has fewer calories than the original, Oreo's spokesperson is quick to point out that the Thin is not a "diet" option. Instead, Oreo is marketing it as a more "grown-up treat" that can pair with a cup of tea, an afternoon latte, or even a glass of whiskey in lieu of the classic milk-and-Oreo pairing.

Oreo Thins — which feature the same chocolate base cookie — will be available in original, mint, and "golden" flavors when they hit shelves nationwide July 13.

Photo: Khushbu Shah/Eater

Photo: Khushbu Shah/Eater