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Like Retro Food? The Best 'Mad Men' Props to Snag at Auction Right Now

Who doesn't want to have all the accessories of a chain-smoking drunkard from the 1960s?

Mad Men/Official

Mad Men is one of the most iconic television shows America has ever produced, bringing on a new era of skinny ties and red lipstick while garnering a legion of devoted fans. Anyone who counts themselves among that fanbase needs to get their wallet ready: A huge selection of props from the show is about to hit the auction block.

The auction covers everything from Don Draper's robe to Joan Holloway's red suede stilettos, but the real highlights are all the food- and beverage-related items. With all the serving ware, cocktail accessories, coffee mugs, dinner plates, and utensils available, a person of considerable means could completely revamp their kitchen and bar. Among the choicest items up for bidding:

This silver coffeepot from the Sterling Cooper office. There's also this bar cart from Roger's office.

A Howard Johnson's juice glass and soda can set.

Roger Sterling's champagne glasses. There's also Don's bar set.

Pete Campbell's golf glasses.

Peggy Olsen's cocktail glasses.

vintage Playboy shot glass, napkin, and swizzle stick. This set comes with an ashtray.

This reproduction Budweiser can. Plus, Don's Stag beer cans.

Betty and Henry Francis' silverware set. There's also the Draper's set of kitchen china.

A vintage ceramic cocktail glass from Trader Vic's, plus a tropical cocktail menu and four branded swizzle sticks from the restaurant. There's also this drinking bowl and menu.

This Benhiana molded ceramic cup set.


This coffee mug from Peggy Olsen's office. There's also this coffee pot and cup set.

The essential online auction begins today at 3 p.m. ET and runs through next week. All items come with a certificate of authenticity from Lions Gate Entertainment, so you know you're not spending exorbitant amounts of money on some run-of-the-mill '60s memorabilia.