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Australian Restaurant That Banned Kids Is Busier Than Ever

The owner says customers are "spending up big."

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Flynn's child-free dining room is busier than ever.
Flynn's child-free dining room is busier than ever.

A controversial move to keep kids out is apparently shaking out pretty well for a restaurant in Queensland, Australia. Flynn's Restaurant recently barred kids under seven from its dining room, and according to Business Insider Australia the restaurant located in the town of Yungaburra just had the most successful weekend in its entire 14-year history.

"Business is booming... people are drinking fine wine and spending up"

The restaurant decided to enact the ban following an incident in which a couple with a crying young child was asked to leave; the mother subsequently ripped Flynn's a new one in a TripAdvisor review. Owner Liam Flynn tells Business Insider, "Business is booming. ... People are spending up large, drinking fine wine and spending up big."

The restaurant's TripAdvisor page is now populated with customers supporting the new policy, with one saying, "Far too many of my meals have been ruined by children not attended to by their parents. Flynn's new policy of "no children under 7" is a fantastic idea. ... What Flynn's has done here is statistically increase your chances for a pleasant meal experience." Another chimes in, "I absolutely support the owner's decision regarding children at the restaurant as the size, layout, cuisine style & general atmosphere are suited to quiet/intimate/relaxed dining."

Banning kids from restaurants is also quite the controversial issue in the U.S.: Old Fisherman's Grotto in Monterey, Calif. has signs posted to let diners know that strollers, high chairs, and booster seats are not allowed, and that crying children are not permitted in the dining room; a recent poll by a local radio station found that 55 percent of respondents thought it was a bad move. Chicago fine dining haven Alinea has also pondered banning kids from its dining room.