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Dude Wearing 'Crime Pays' T-Shirt Tries (and Fails) to Rob a Little Caesar's

He didn't actually get any money.

Susan Montgomery/Shutterstock

Irony, thy name is criminals in stupid t-shirts: A dude in Baltimore tried to rob a Little Caesar's while sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase "Crime Pays," says the New York Daily News.

According to police, the suspect entered the store on Sunday "demanding money through a note and lifting his shirt to show the handle of a gun." When the employees failed to open the register, the would-be thief snatched the note back and ran out penniless. His likeness has been quite clearly captured on surveillance video, so perhaps crime will eventually pay off in the form of jail time.

Last year in Pennsylvania a pizzeria robber was apprehended after the demand note he gave the cashier was found to have come from a toilet paper roll in the criminal's very own bathroom. Well played, gentlemen.