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New Startup Delivers Food from Michelin-Starred London Restaurants


Part of Supper's delivery fleet.
Part of Supper's delivery fleet.

Fine-dining fare is generally not considered a good candidate for takeout, but a new entrant into the crowded food delivery sector is aiming to change that.

Big Hospitality (via @ElizabethonFood) reports on the impending launch of a new London-based company called Supper, which "claims to be the first delivery service for fine-dining restaurants." Supper, which will only deliver to a limited zone within London, can "cater for up to 20 people" and even has an in-house sommelier. Supper's current list of restaurant clients includes the Michelin-starred Benares and Tamarind.

Supper's website says "a great deal of research and expense has been made to ensure there's no degradation from the time the food is made until it's delivered." Food is delivered via Japanese motorbikes and packaged in "thermally lined" boxes to keep it at the ideal temperature. Menu items that don't travel well will be excluded from delivery, meaning you probably won't be able to get foie gras souffles or anything topped with foam.

Other popular food delivery services like Postmates have staked their claim on delivering everyday stuff like Chipotle and Starbucks, but perhaps Supper can fill a niche for well-to-do diners who want to class up movie night.