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Starbucks Sued for $2 Million After Allegedly Serving Coffee Tainted With Cleaning Solution

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The plaintiff says the coffee burned her esophagus.


Starbucks is on the receiving end of a $2 million lawsuit for allegedly serving coffee tainted with cleaning solution. Cheryl Kingery has filed suit claiming "she was served a drink that contained a cleaning solution used on coffee and espresso machines" at a Starbucks in Clinton, Utah in 2012, reports the Associated Press.

The lawsuit says "the coffee burned and damaged her mouth and esophagus, causing severe nerve damage and chronic burning mouth pain." She's seeking $1.5 million to cover medical bills, lost wages, and "other costs," plus another half a million dollars for suffering. A spokesperson for Starbucks told the AP the company "takes the claims seriously and is investigating."

Such an injury from a food product being tainted with cleaning solution unfortunately isn't isn't an isolated incident: Earlier this year a man in Indianapolis was hospitalized after he says he drank degreaser from a McDonald's beverage fountain, and last year a Utah woman was critically injured after drinking lye-spiked iced tea.