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213-Foot Sandwich Debuts in Mexico City; 200-Pound Burger Griddled at Wisconsin Burger Fest

Plus, a ketchup slip 'n slide.

Ronaldo Schemidt/Getty Images

The bigger the better, right? Chefs in Mexico City certainly believe so. According to Reuters, a group of Mexican chefs have banned together to create a 213-foot beast of a sandwich composed of thousands of pieces of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions combined with spicy sauces, mayonnaise, and mustard. The larger-than-life torta is a result of a sandwich competition created by officials hoping to boost the local economy. While it's the largest sandwich ever crafted in Latin America, it fell short of the Guinness World Records title of longest sandwich ever — which is held by a 2,411-foot sandwich made in Lebanon.

Staying on the topic of super sized food, the Seymour's Burger Fest (celebrating the alleged invention of the hamburger in Seymoure, Wisconsin) is the home of a ridiculously large 200-pound burger with toppings to spare, Green Bay Press Gazette reports. The patty — made with the help of eggs, oatmeal, and soy sauce — measures 40 inches across and is five inches thick. How do you cook this monstrosity? Festival organizers have created a specially designed pan to house the giant patty. It's placed inside until it reaches approximately 120 degrees, then the fat is drained before another pan is placed on top and the entire thing is flipped. After four hours of cooking time, the 180-pound patty is topped with cheese, ketchup, mustard, and pickles and placed inside a massive bun.

While the behemoth burger is impressive, it's small fries compared to the other attractions found at the annual burger fest. According to Burger Fest organizer Jim Campbell, the most popular event is the ketchup slide. "I'm not sure why, but people sure like to watch contestants slide in ketchup," he explains. In fact, it's so popular that attendees must sign up ahead of time for the chance to take a go on the ketchup slide. The festival also includes a hamburger parade, complete with University of Wisconsin marching band, and a hamburger eating contest, because of course.

Video: The Ketchup Slide in Action