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Mos Burger

A Japanese burger chain is flipping the script by promoting tomatoes from a mere garnish to the star of the show. Earlier this month Mos Burger introduced a seasonal burger sandwiched between two halves of a large tomato.

It's called a Tomami Burger

According to The Wall Street Journal, Mos Burger "wanted to take advantage of extra large tomatoes that were produced this year." The resulting 227-calorie specimen will certainly please the low-carb set, but they'd best get there post-haste: It's available at just one store, located in Osaki in the Shinagawa prefecture, and they "will have only 15 tomami burgers to sell a day until the end of August."

Burger lovers in Japan will apparently be seeing lots of red this summer, as Burger King Japan is also hawking a red-bunned burger (though that one's made with a traditional wheat bun). While the Japanese chain certainly isn't the first to highlight glorious summer tomatoes in a burger — chef José Andrés's vegetable-centric fast-casual restaurant in D.C., Beefsteak, also has a tomato burger on the menu, albeit a more traditional version — the Mos tomato burger deserves props for being one of the healthiest novelty burgers to come along in some time. Other burgers with alternative buns have included one with a french fry bun, the mania-inducing ramen burger, and of course, the now-ubiquitous doughnut burger (which may or may not have been invented by Paula Deen).