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Mind of a Chef on Netflix; Gucci Now Has a Restaurant

Plus, the brosé phenomenon and an NBA player-turned-Starbucks manager.

Edward Lee in season three of Mind of a Chef.
Edward Lee in season three of Mind of a Chef.

— Here's another show to add to your busy binge-watching schedule: This Saturday Netflix will add the latest season of PBS's Mind of a Chef to its queue, meaning all 52 episodes of the three seasons so far will be available for viewing. While the first season featured David Chang and Season 2 focused on April Bloomfield and Sean Brock, season three largely belongs to chefs Magnus Nilsson and Edward Lee. (Season four premieres in September on PBS.)

— Following in the footsteps of fashion giants Ralph Lauren and Armani, Gucci now has its own restaurant. Located inside the luxury brand's Shanghai boutique, 1921 Gucci Cafe reportedly serves a "primarily Italian" menu, with a two-course lunch being offered for about $24 per person and prix-fixe dinner for about $50. Even factoring in the cost of airfare to Shanghai, it may still be one of the cheaper ways to become a Gucci consumer.

— Are you a man struggling with the possible social implications of drinking pink wine?  A host of recent articles on the so-called "brosé" phenomenon seems to indicate that you're not alone: There are apparently guys out there who seem to believe that "drinking something Frenchy and pink will make their balls drop off." A suggestion for dudes who want to display how secure they are in their masculinity: Make your next Tinder profile pic a photo of you sipping rosé.

— After selling off its last 23 company-owned restaurants, Applebee's is now 100 percent franchised. Said stores are all located in the company's home city of Kansas City, Mo., and were previously used as test marketing ground for "new menu items and operational changes."

— If you, for some reason, have a strange desire to watch how your next Big Mac is made, a trip to Japan is in order: McDonald's has two new stores featuring open kitchens in the cities of Osaka and Saitama. Per a translated press release, the new store design is intended to provide greater transparency into store operations, "with the aim of deepening ties with customers."

— Many pro athletes struggle with life after the big leagues, but former NBA All-Star Vin Baker has lofty latte aspirations. The Olympic gold medal winner is currently in training to own and operate his own Starbucks store.